The picture above shows a part of the bench area of the studio where much of the fabrication is done. Each piece is dreamed, designed, and created with intention.

Other areas of the studio include anvils for hammering, torch area for soldering and other heat techniques, a cleaning area, and a polishing area.

Our Approach


Teaching is important. We offer the opportunity for both adults and older children to make something. The student will have a better understanding of metal, how it is formed, and how it behaves. We begin with design and move to how to properly strike with a hammer. During the session, skills such as texture, bending, and coloring (patina) are taught. Initially, we work in copper.

As a student feels more confident and feels ready, additional skills on more complicated pieces are taught.

Each of these sessions are by appointment only as the materials must be prepared to enhance student enjoyment in the learning.

Our Story