Encaustic, Photography

My artistic endeavors began in 1985 using photography for its expressive art form and have since incorporated principles of the genre toward encaustic works.

I work as an artist using different mediums to create unique artistic pieces. Encaustic art involves the use of several different waxes, heat, inks, papers, brushes, carving tools, and other special materials to create a story about life. The encaustic method involves the use of layering and this technique spurs my spirit to run free, to be simple and complex at the times too. I choose to work with wood because of its natural qualities in shape, form, and texture.

I have acquired many degrees over my lifetime from the University of Michigan, Western Michigan University, and local community colleges. Artistry and creativity are my foundations in life.

Turn the encaustic pieces to discover a meaning that touches you.

Next Steps...

If you are interested in one of these unique items, please contact me with item name & number. I will give you the price and approximate shipping. Happy to have you stop by to see and hold it for yourself.